Quality Bed Liners


Bed Rug Penda liner Line-X

Tough, durable, and dependable. That’s what your bed liners in Salt Lake City should be.

Truck Trim helps you give your truck the kind of protection it needs with the right bed liner. Here, you can find the toughest and most durable bed liners on the market. We partner with industry leaders such as Line-X®, so you get spray-on bed liners that prevent corrosion, leaks, and rust; doesn’t peel or bubble; and provide optimal impact absorption.

On top of spray-on bed liners, we also carry a wide range of drop-in bed liners. Regardless of the truck you drive, whether it’s a Chevy Camo or a Ford Ranger, we can help you find a bed liner in Salt Lake City that suits your needs and matches your vehicle’s aesthetics.

The Truck Trim Difference

Other bed liner suppliers simply provide the product and take your money. Truck Trim makes sure you get more than that. 

With us, you get products from the most trusted brands, honest service (we don’t overinflate our prices), and warm, professional customer service – the same principles that have kept us in business since 1986.